The Real Essentials in Life

I’m excited about a new year, with new possibilities and promise. And I’m also struck by all that has been part of my lifetime. Recently my Godfather passed away, and as a friend reminded me during those tender times when death is in the foreground, we often look at our own lives and reflect…..

I find myself wanting to know more of what the Real essentials are in life from my heart’s perspective and how important each person is for their amazingly unique gifts. I am part of a large Italian family, and it’s taken too long to realize how grateful I am to be in this family. When I think of what my Godfather and his generation taught me, sure it was a lot about the food….let’s face it, Italians know how to cook. Way more than great cooking, it was about the heart, the Love and Loyalty.

My mother’s siblings have almost all passed on, but the enormous amount of love they shared remains in my heart and I feel it in all the hearts in the family. ….we got it even if we didn’t recognize it for what it was all those years! My hope for the future is to carry on their legacies, their truths, their values; the Real essentials they gave so freely to those of us along the way.

In love and gratitude for Rocco Toppi Jr., a truly great man.

With a grateful heart for family and friends,
Happy New Year,

Andrea Ferrante
Meadow Wind Founder

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