Be Bold This Year with Your Creations

Sherri J French

Greetings & Happy New Year!

Once again we find ourselves in a new year, and not just any new year, but the year 2012. For years now there has been tremendous hype about what this year will bring. What will the year 2012 bring? The world waits with bated breath for the answer to this question.

What if however, we are asking the wrong question? What if the question that would better serve us is what will we bring to the year 2012?  We live in a culture where a large majority of people wait to see what the world will bring, and then create from this place. What if our culture has confused what is being asked of us? What if it’s not about what life brings us, but about what we bring life?

We have been given the incredible gift of free will. The Divine has lovingly placed the choice to create and respond to our creations in our hands. Somehow, our culture has forgotten that we hold this valuable gift. Many experience moments of inspiration from their inner greatness, but when the dream gets too big, too bright, the creative process is often shut down by some inner form of resistance before its birth into experience is possible.

Personally, my comparisons and judgments about myself have kept me creating small. When I go to that place of honesty about what I REALLY want, I compare my life to others, and I question whether I have what it takes to realize my dreams. I think thoughts such as “What gives me the right to have such a grand experience of life when so and so is living in such pain” or “I should be more grateful for what I already have.”

The truth is we wouldn’t dream such greatness if we didn’t have the ability to express it, and being grateful for what you have and striving to live a life of brilliance are one in the same… they are not separate. The Beloved Creator has blessed us with the gift to create on all levels; therefore, the only shame is not using this beneficial power.

In Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God” Book 3 the Divine says, “I am always with you, even unto the end of time. Yet I will not impose my will on you – ever. I choose your highest good for you, but above that, I choose your will for you. And this is the surest measure of love.”

2012 is a new year, a clean start. It is an opportunity to cast aside comparisons, judgment, or whatever your inner resistances may be, as this energy only serves to keep us small. It is also of importance to remember that we are creating ALL of the time, whether we give consciousness to this or not is once again our free will.

So be bold this year with your creations! Choose the highest and most brilliant version of yourself! Allow time to serve you in the creating process, as bigger dreams may require a little bit more time. And when your light gets too bright for the parts of you that doubt, remember that you get to choose what you put out to the Collective Whole, for the brightness of your light serves to light the world.

Blessings for a brilliant new year,

Sherri J French

Sherri J French is a Spiritual Mentor who offers guidance to create empowered belief and behavior patterns; develop inner awareness and growth; explore and deepen one’s relationship with the Divine; and to process grief and life transition. She offers guidance in the process of self discovery and healing. “In the presence of compassion, non judgment, and love an opportunity to release, heal, and transform is possible.” For more information, please contact Sherri at (207) 318-8049 or

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