Growing the Light

Jaclyn Ouillette

This year, 2012, has been quite a year for many. This has been marked as a year of change from the Hopi, the Mayans, and the Inka for hundreds of years. It has been a year of fear for many at the thought of an ending to our world. But within the prophecies there is another piece, that when the old world “dies” a new one is born. This year marks a beginning for us. As the old ways break down, we have the opportunity to create the lives and the world that we want to live in.

Things in our societies are shifting and the old ways are breaking down and through this many of us are facing very tough life situations. Many times the spiritual or healing path begins when an initiation is received through a major life event. These are often times illnesses, injuries, job loss, or a death of a loved one, but includes any situation that sparks the desire within you for something different or a better life situation.

The spiritual or healing path often begins alone. You may read every book you can get your hands on, spend time on the computer absorbing everything possible, and listening to thousands of CDs. As you find the things you enjoy, your light within grows brighter. As you search and wander your way in this exploration you begin to meet and are attracted to others who share similar views as you can both feel the light shining within each other. This can be very comforting as you begin to share your new beliefs.There is excitement and growth when we share and the light within each of us grows brighter. You become a beacon of light and hope for others.

As a Shaman, I seek clarity and guidance from the spirit world to assist our community in coming into balance. What we are being asked to do at this time in history is to gather together in community with like-minded and like-hearted people in joy, laughetr, and celebration. When we gather in community we are able to express what is happening inside of us. Our light grows brighter when we remember our joys and our passions.

By sharing our light, by sharing our joys and passions, we lift each other up and assist others in finding their inner light. By gathering together we allow each of our lights to shine brighter and brighter and collectively our lights shine exponentially, emanating outward to the world. We each hold wisdom and act as teachers for each other. We share our own unique perspectives which can help someone else to see new possibilities. The effects ripple out into the world as the light spreads to everyone we are in contact with. In this way, we are the creators of the world we want to live in.

Gathering in supportive community at this time is important because:

1. We share new ideas which can further develop
2. We assist others who are facing tough situations
3. We support eachothers highest growth
4. You can understand different view points to grow your own beliefs
5. You can see more possibilities than you imagined before
6. It is fun to laugh and share
7. You grow your light brighter
8. You grow stronger
9. You gain confidence and understanding
10. Collectively our lights shine exponentially!

If you are searching for a way to gather in community, to grow your inner light, and to assist others in growing theirs, we invite you to join our Full Moon Ceremonies at Meadow Wind. This is a monthly gathering of people with similar interests who want to grow spiritually and be supported by others. All ages and abilities welcome. For more information, click here.

– Jaclyn Ouillette

Jaclyn Ouillette is a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, and Spiritual Wilderness Guide. Jaclyn guides her clients into their Inner Wilderness to uncover their Inner Compass and Illuminate their Authentic Direction, so they can Navigate their Spiritual Wilderness with ease and grace. She has been leading healing wilderness journeys since 2004 and works with private clients in her practice locally, nationally and internationally. She has guided hundreds of Souls to find their unique direction and to follow their soul’s highest path to create and fulfil a meaningful life.

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2 Responses to Growing the Light

  1. Sarah Goodwin says:

    I would very much like to gather in community, as offered with Full Moon Ceremony. The site was 10/2012, so I am writing to ask if you continue to hold the ceremonies with newcomers welcome. Thank you, Sarah

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,

      We will try to host the fire ceremonies regularly, and newcomers are always welcome to these. There will be more introductory teachings also. We hope to see you soon. ~ Jaclyn

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