Meadow Wind Center for Holistic Arts is a group of healers, teachers, coaches and artists coming together to create and share community again in our lives, for the benefit of All.

Meadow Wind is about connection, joy, fun, growth, passion and Spirit. It’s about taking time out to learn and grow alongside others of like mind and heart. It’s about doing what feels good, and right, and true. It’s a place where you can travel your personal path within the safety, peace and beauty of a spiritual community.

Please feel free to contact any of our practitioners for your personal consultation:

Andrea Ferrante
Andrea Ferrante Coaching

Stephanie Kostopoulos
Beauty Heals Pure Adornment

Deborah Bergeron, CPCC
Personal & Professional Life Coach

Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO
Osteopathic Medicine

Jane Honeck, CPA
Personal Financial Specialist

Sherri French
Spiritual Mentor

The Purple Turtle
Gifts & Jewelry

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