Space Rental

Beautiful Office Available

We have a beautiful office for rent at Meadow Wind. Please call Marc at (207) 775-6561 for a showing.

Meadow Wind Office Space Brochure

Workshop Space Rental

The second-floor room is an airy yet intimate container for teaching classes and workshops. A sloped ceiling and comfortable, wall-to-wall carpeting give it a cozy feel. Well-lit with natural light, the interior lights feature dimmer controls. The stereo system includes a 5-disc CD changer.

The second-floor room measures 20 by 30 feet.

About renting from us:

We suggest that you please see the space you’re interested in for yourself to decide whether it will accommodate the number of people you anticipate for the activities you are planning.

Backjacks, folding chairs and tables are available upon request.

Call Andrea Ferrante at (207) 939-1124 for scheduling, pricing, and additional information on booking classes and workshops at Meadow Wind.

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