5 Things You Might Want to Stop Doing in 2013

By Mandy Schumaker

To get what you want, stop doing what isn’t working. – Dennis Weaver

Too often when we talk about goals, or intentions, or New Year’s resolutions, we just add a lot of things to our “to do” list. It’s no wonder that so often we get off-track or overwhelmed with our “things to accomplish” lists… sometimes even our bucket lists feel overwhelming.

I’m convinced it’s because people don’t take the time to look at what they might stop doing. This may partially be a cultural thing, that when we stop doing something, it’s a sign of failure, or that we’re giving up, or perhaps we can’t “handle everything” – which is supposed to be a badge of honor in our society.

But I really encourage you to take a look at what’s no longer working for you in your life or business and stop doing those things. Here’s a list of four things I compiled that have made my list for this year. I actually left the fifth one blank for you to add your own!

1. Stop hanging around negative people, including negative clients. You know those people who take more energy from you than give you energy. You know who they are, and by distancing yourself from them, you can start to spending time with those people in your life with a positive outlook on things. Trust me, you’ll find much greater energy from them.

2. Stop complaining. And start focusing on what’s working in your life, and what your grateful for. Extreme gratitude brings more goodness into our lives. Complaining just brings more wrinkles to your face! Live life from an abundant versus a scarcity perspective.

3. Stop checking your mobile device every 10 seconds (or at least between the hours of 6 pm and 8 am). Spend the time you gain talking to your kids, your spouse, and your partner. Let your brain rest from all the information you’ve put into it all day. This constant obsession with your phone takes you out of the present moment, trust me; you really miss a lot along the way!

4. Stop worrying so much about what everyone else is achieving, your looks and what everyone else thinks of you. Really, none of it matters at all.  What matters is what you are achieving what YOU want to achieve, that you feel good about how you look and what you think of yourself!

5. Stop (fill in the blank). What’s the one thing you’d like to add to this list that you will stop doing in 2013?

Mandy Schumaker is president of Higher Performing People, a company devoted to helping self-employed professionals and small businesses get more clients, grow their business and make more money faster than they would on their own. Get a copy of her complimentary CD, “7 Productivity Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs,” at www.mandyschumaker.com.

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Growing the Light

Jaclyn Ouillette

This year, 2012, has been quite a year for many. This has been marked as a year of change from the Hopi, the Mayans, and the Inka for hundreds of years. It has been a year of fear for many at the thought of an ending to our world. But within the prophecies there is another piece, that when the old world “dies” a new one is born. This year marks a beginning for us. As the old ways break down, we have the opportunity to create the lives and the world that we want to live in.

Things in our societies are shifting and the old ways are breaking down and through this many of us are facing very tough life situations. Many times the spiritual or healing path begins when an initiation is received through a major life event. These are often times illnesses, injuries, job loss, or a death of a loved one, but includes any situation that sparks the desire within you for something different or a better life situation.

The spiritual or healing path often begins alone. You may read every book you can get your hands on, spend time on the computer absorbing everything possible, and listening to thousands of CDs. As you find the things you enjoy, your light within grows brighter. As you search and wander your way in this exploration you begin to meet and are attracted to others who share similar views as you can both feel the light shining within each other. This can be very comforting as you begin to share your new beliefs.There is excitement and growth when we share and the light within each of us grows brighter. You become a beacon of light and hope for others.

As a Shaman, I seek clarity and guidance from the spirit world to assist our community in coming into balance. What we are being asked to do at this time in history is to gather together in community with like-minded and like-hearted people in joy, laughetr, and celebration. When we gather in community we are able to express what is happening inside of us. Our light grows brighter when we remember our joys and our passions.

By sharing our light, by sharing our joys and passions, we lift each other up and assist others in finding their inner light. By gathering together we allow each of our lights to shine brighter and brighter and collectively our lights shine exponentially, emanating outward to the world. We each hold wisdom and act as teachers for each other. We share our own unique perspectives which can help someone else to see new possibilities. The effects ripple out into the world as the light spreads to everyone we are in contact with. In this way, we are the creators of the world we want to live in.

Gathering in supportive community at this time is important because:

1. We share new ideas which can further develop
2. We assist others who are facing tough situations
3. We support eachothers highest growth
4. You can understand different view points to grow your own beliefs
5. You can see more possibilities than you imagined before
6. It is fun to laugh and share
7. You grow your light brighter
8. You grow stronger
9. You gain confidence and understanding
10. Collectively our lights shine exponentially!

If you are searching for a way to gather in community, to grow your inner light, and to assist others in growing theirs, we invite you to join our Full Moon Ceremonies at Meadow Wind. This is a monthly gathering of people with similar interests who want to grow spiritually and be supported by others. All ages and abilities welcome. For more information, click here.

– Jaclyn Ouillette

Jaclyn Ouillette is a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, and Spiritual Wilderness Guide. Jaclyn guides her clients into their Inner Wilderness to uncover their Inner Compass and Illuminate their Authentic Direction, so they can Navigate their Spiritual Wilderness with ease and grace. She has been leading healing wilderness journeys since 2004 and works with private clients in her practice locally, nationally and internationally. She has guided hundreds of Souls to find their unique direction and to follow their soul’s highest path to create and fulfil a meaningful life.

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Be Bold This Year with Your Creations

Sherri J French

Greetings & Happy New Year!

Once again we find ourselves in a new year, and not just any new year, but the year 2012. For years now there has been tremendous hype about what this year will bring. What will the year 2012 bring? The world waits with bated breath for the answer to this question.

What if however, we are asking the wrong question? What if the question that would better serve us is what will we bring to the year 2012?  We live in a culture where a large majority of people wait to see what the world will bring, and then create from this place. What if our culture has confused what is being asked of us? What if it’s not about what life brings us, but about what we bring life?

We have been given the incredible gift of free will. The Divine has lovingly placed the choice to create and respond to our creations in our hands. Somehow, our culture has forgotten that we hold this valuable gift. Many experience moments of inspiration from their inner greatness, but when the dream gets too big, too bright, the creative process is often shut down by some inner form of resistance before its birth into experience is possible.

Personally, my comparisons and judgments about myself have kept me creating small. When I go to that place of honesty about what I REALLY want, I compare my life to others, and I question whether I have what it takes to realize my dreams. I think thoughts such as “What gives me the right to have such a grand experience of life when so and so is living in such pain” or “I should be more grateful for what I already have.”

The truth is we wouldn’t dream such greatness if we didn’t have the ability to express it, and being grateful for what you have and striving to live a life of brilliance are one in the same… they are not separate. The Beloved Creator has blessed us with the gift to create on all levels; therefore, the only shame is not using this beneficial power.

In Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God” Book 3 the Divine says, “I am always with you, even unto the end of time. Yet I will not impose my will on you – ever. I choose your highest good for you, but above that, I choose your will for you. And this is the surest measure of love.”

2012 is a new year, a clean start. It is an opportunity to cast aside comparisons, judgment, or whatever your inner resistances may be, as this energy only serves to keep us small. It is also of importance to remember that we are creating ALL of the time, whether we give consciousness to this or not is once again our free will.

So be bold this year with your creations! Choose the highest and most brilliant version of yourself! Allow time to serve you in the creating process, as bigger dreams may require a little bit more time. And when your light gets too bright for the parts of you that doubt, remember that you get to choose what you put out to the Collective Whole, for the brightness of your light serves to light the world.

Blessings for a brilliant new year,

Sherri J French

Sherri J French is a Spiritual Mentor who offers guidance to create empowered belief and behavior patterns; develop inner awareness and growth; explore and deepen one’s relationship with the Divine; and to process grief and life transition. She offers guidance in the process of self discovery and healing. “In the presence of compassion, non judgment, and love an opportunity to release, heal, and transform is possible.” For more information, please contact Sherri at (207) 318-8049 or sherrijfrench@yahoo.com.

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Overwhelmed? You’re Not the Only One

Deb Bergeron

Do you wake up each morning with your mind racing, worrying about how much you have to accomplish during the day?

Do you feel exhausted, over-burdened, inundated or swamped?

Do you rarely have time for yourself or feel that you’re last on your list?

One of the biggest problems people face today is overwhelm. More and more, people are trying to do too many things and as a result spreading themselves thin. There never seems to be enough time to do everything planned, and it’s never more apparent than during the holiday season.

Typically, we let the “urgent” rule our lives and put off the “important” until tomorrow. But tomorrow is filled with more urgent, and we often never get around to the important things in our lives. Recognizing when the line between being busy and being overwhelmed is close to being crossed is crucial to overcoming that anxious feeling of being under pressure and crunched for time.

Personally, I know a sense of overwhelm is coming when I recognize in myself that I haven’t been taking the time to be present and listen to my inner voice. I find myself ruminating about the same things over and over, being compulsive about things that don’t really matter, while losing focus of priorities and tasks that do.

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.”
- Jon Kabat-Zinn, PH.D

Through my work, observations and firsthand experience, I see that people today are becoming tired of the fast-paced, frenzied lifestyle that consumes them and are interested in finding a higher quality of life in which they have more time for themselves and their relationships, and more energy to invest in their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. It’s important to remember that the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, instead of trying to do as much as you can as quickly as you can, slow down and re-connect with the meaning behind your actions.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1) Is it time to simplify? If you feel that simplifying your life would be a good thing, this is the first step in overcoming overwhelm.

2) What is most important to you? What do you love to do? The answer is different to each and every person. For me, it’s simple: I love my family, I love spending time with friends, walking the beach and dancing. And, I love the work I do. For others, it may be hiking, mountain biking, creating music or art, or anything that gives you joy.

3) What can you eliminate to make more space for what is really important? Saying yes when you really want to say no can leave you feeling resentful and totally overwhelmed. Examine your commitments and ask yourself if they’re really important. Do they give you value for your time and give you energy, or do they drain you?

Now that you understand the basic process of simplifying, what will decreasing overwhelm do for you? In a nutshell, more than you can imagine. Decreasing the overwhelm in your life will help you reduce stress, give you more energy, improve your efficiency, and allow you more time to devote to the truly important things in your life.

Nine Steps to Overcome Overwhelm:

  • Practice extreme self-care. Have “me” time and put yourself at the top of the list.
  • Accept your limitations. You can only do so much. If you demand too much of yourself, you will try to do everything by yourself. Delegate responsibilities to others, even if there’s no way on earth that they could ever do them as well as you. 🙂
  • Setting priorities. This is probably one of the most effective tools you can use to reduce overwhelm in your life. Make a list of what’s really important and tackle them with gusto!
  • Breathe: As often as possible, stop for a moment and take several relaxing breaths. This will help restore and calm balance in as little as a minute.
  • Block out time for fun: When you are consumed by work, you often lose contact with what’s meaningful in life, which is why it’s important to block out time for fun. Make rejuvenation just as important as work – your overall well-being depends on it.
  • Learn to say No! By setting healthy, flexible boundaries, you set yourself up for sustainable results and take a significant step towards more inner peace.
  • Move into the present moment: It’s easy to get lost in the past or worry about the future, or even scatter one’s energy in several activities at once. This type of behavior often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and stressed. To instantly feel more peaceful, move back into the present and relish the moment.
  • Develop a daily relaxation practice: Quiet reflection, prayer and journaling can help clear your mind and heart, which will alleviate stress and overwhelm.
  • Set up a support system and ask for help: It’s critical to involve other people to provide you with support, and to help you identify your blind spots. Talk to friends, loved ones or hire a coach.


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Fear Itself

Jane Honeck

Four hundred years ago, Sir Francis Bacon said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The constant economic crises reaffirm the consequences of ignoring these sage words.

At times like this, it’s important to ask how we as individuals can move beyond today’s economic anxiety and fear and get on with our lives. How do we keep our own stability and help build up this economy instead of tear it down?

Like it or not, we’re all in this together, and it’s clear what happens when we tackle today’s problems as a house divided. Frustration and mistrust grow and the solution seems out of reach and certainly nothing we can influence. But our own grassroots efforts can make a difference in moving us and the country out of fear back into possibility.

Following are simple steps anyone can take to step out of financial paralysis and into building new money muscles:

Talk it up:  Ignoring your anxieties and keeping fear bottled up only makes them fester and grow. Share your feelings with someone and get their perspective. With shared perspective, we can begin to move from negative speculation to possibilities.

Stay in the moment: Affirm your own financial reality now. Do you have enough today? Staying in the moment and not getting too far ahead of ourselves puts a stable foundation back in place.

Choose your battle: Be honest about what’s underneath your concern – is it mistrust, lack of control, powerlessness? Can we stop the stock market slide? Probably not, but we can make changes in our own financial world.

Take the next step: Keep your eye on your financial goals and begin shifting from emotion to motion. Pay a bill; start a savings account; cut up a credit card – any next step will start the momentum.

Do it again: When the next negative headline appears (and it will) go back to #1. Fear is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to take over our lives. Do these steps again and eventually you’ll slip right through fear and into empowered action with a blink of an eye.

Five easy steps that move us from emotion to motion, paralysis to possibility, fear to trust. And when we trust, all things are possible.

Jane Honeck specializes in tax and financial planning for professionals, small businesses and individuals and is the author of “The Problem with Money? It’s Not About the Money!” For more information, visit janehoneck.com or email jane@janehoneck.com.

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The Present Shining Moment

Hello Fellow Journeyers!

A recent reading from A Course in Miracles really stood out for me. Chapter 13, Section VI says, “When you have learned to look on everyone with no reference at all to the past, you will be able to learn from what you see.”

Can you imagine what that would be like? Just play with that for a moment. Check in and notice how whenever we cross paths with someone we know, we instantaneously collect all of our past references to this person; all our judgments, accolades, recollection of friends in common, where they work or worked, maybe you quickly try to remember their kids’ names, or when the last time you saw them was. And for the parents out there, can we even catch a glimpse at the freedom we’d feel – and our kids would feel – if we did not bring the past to the present?! What would happen if we attempted to meet everyone in the present shining moment?

Another Course quote is “I am here only to be truly helpful.” This seems like a natural reflection of what meeting our brothers and sisters in the present might feel like. When we get our own interpretations out of the way, we give Spirit a chance to teach us what we would learn.

Jane Marie McGrady

Jane Marie offers spiritual counseling based on ACIM principles. She can be reached at janemarie44@live.com or (207) 232-2773.

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The Real Essentials in Life

I’m excited about a new year, with new possibilities and promise. And I’m also struck by all that has been part of my lifetime. Recently my Godfather passed away, and as a friend reminded me during those tender times when death is in the foreground, we often look at our own lives and reflect…..

I find myself wanting to know more of what the Real essentials are in life from my heart’s perspective and how important each person is for their amazingly unique gifts. I am part of a large Italian family, and it’s taken too long to realize how grateful I am to be in this family. When I think of what my Godfather and his generation taught me, sure it was a lot about the food….let’s face it, Italians know how to cook. Way more than great cooking, it was about the heart, the Love and Loyalty.

My mother’s siblings have almost all passed on, but the enormous amount of love they shared remains in my heart and I feel it in all the hearts in the family. ….we got it even if we didn’t recognize it for what it was all those years! My hope for the future is to carry on their legacies, their truths, their values; the Real essentials they gave so freely to those of us along the way.

In love and gratitude for Rocco Toppi Jr., a truly great man.

With a grateful heart for family and friends,
Happy New Year,

Andrea Ferrante
Meadow Wind Founder

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